Oaktree Development LLC was originally founded as Unihab, Inc. in 1969 as a design/build company specializing in urban, multifamily housing with a vision of maximizing quality and value by emphasizing good design. The construction of some prototypical projects created within the company an expertise in the development process. From the 1970's on, many projects were developed, some modular, some rehab, and a great deal of new construction in the form of townhouses and mid-rise buildings. A number of projects were large, comprising of more than 100 units. All the company's projects embody a sense of community not often found in residential development. A cohousing project was completed in the 1990's. A commitment to sustainability has been a core principle for Oaktree since its inception. Since 2000, Oaktree has made a further commitment to develop multifamily communities that are fully serviced with communication technologies.

Now utilizing GreenStaxx, the recently patented building system created by the company's founder, Arthur Klipfel, Oaktree continues to evolve this vision to meet the demands of 21st century communities and municipalities. While the focus remains on the vision of design quality and value in urban infill multifamily housing, Oaktree projects have evolved to include mixed-use projects with an emphasis on proximity to transit, housing that is affordable to a mix of incomes, state of the art energy-efficient systems and materials and ground floor shops and amenities that contribute to the community's social and economic sustainability.


Oaktree concentrates on developing in-town sites that are transit-oriented and pedestrian friendly with an emphasis on alternate modes of transportation such as bicycles, electric vehicle chargers and car-shares. The GreenStaxx building system reduces and/or repurposes construction waste, employs state-of-the-art green materials and utilizes the residential sustainable design standard (LEED) as the benchmark for all of our buildings. More recently Oaktree projects include roof-top solar arrays as an energy-saving alternative. Cambridge Cohousing, a 41-unit cohousing community in Cambridge, won the American Institute of Architect's Top 10 Green Design Awards and was featured in the United States Department of Energy 1998 Building America calendar (July).


Innovative residential technology has created many opportunities to better serve residential customers, especially those living in multi-family buildings. Oaktree proactively designs its building communications infrastructure (web interface, network etc...) to be a key differentiator in its housing, providing the basis for improved services to the residents.


Throughout its projects Oaktree promotes a sense of community by thoughtfully designing the common spaces to enhance residents' interaction with the building and with each other.

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Should you have any questions about Oaktree Development, its partners, or any of the projects please feel free to contact us directly.

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